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Sorry for the lack of activity... [Oct. 20th, 2006|02:50 pm]
Compilation Haven


[mood |mellowmellow]
[music |Essence of Heather]

Hey guys sorry that nothing has been going on in the community for a while. I added a bunch of interests to our profile and uploaded a userpic to spice things up a bit.


For anyone who is unaware, Heather and I and a bunch of our friends decided a while back to make compilations called "Essence of (fill in your name)". They were super fun and sometimes difficult. Each ideally included some of your favorite songs and music that defined, descried, or related to you and aspects of your life. Well, recently we had the idea of expanding on that idea and making an “Essence of couples” series which would apply the same concept to couples in our group of friends. You’re welcome to make your own “essence of…“ Cds or expand on the concept however you want. Have fun.

Oh here’s the track lists for my essence of cds… I would post Heather’s too but I can’t find the actually track lists and it’d be way too tedious to try and listen to the Cd and try to figure out what all the songs are.

“Essence of Nathan”
1. Live Life - The Kinks
2. Spread Your Love - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
3. What It's like - Everlast
4. Going Under - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
5. Down In The Valley Woe - Jackie Greene
6. Selfish Man - Flogging Molly
7. They All Have Abondoned Their Hopes - Fishbone
8. Easy On Yourself - Drive-By Truckers
9. Mother's Day - Nada Surf
10. Weight Of The World - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
11. The World Has Turned And Left Me Here - Weezer
12. Always Love - Nada Surf
13. How Can I Keep From Singing - Enya
14. Bad Days - Flaming Lips
15. Good Day - Dresden Dolls
16. Hell No I Ain't Happy - Drive-By Truckers
17. Anything But Down - Sheryl Crow
18. Corduroy - Pearl Jam

[User Picture]From: zerocoolphreak
2006-10-21 10:34 am (UTC)
I'll post mine at some point.... it's funny, you post the track listing to your essence and you're listening to mine. It amused me.
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